Cooler Master MP860 Dual-Sided Mouse Pad Review

A Closer Look & Testing

First impressions of the MP860 was that it felt very well built and was a little heavier than I anticipated weighing in at 0.81Kg. The first surface we will look at is the one dubbed “Speed Surface” which consists of a low-friction cloth and has a Cooler Master logo in the upper right-hand corner. The cloth feels extremely soft and our Cooler Master MM530 just glides across the surface. We put the side of the MP860 to the test with a well-known title called Overwatch that requires you to be quick on your feet and fast reflexes to down your opponents. The “Speed” surface was just that: extremely fast and the mouse moves effortlessly around the pad. We were easily able to make quick movements and the low-friction cloth felt amazing under our hand and was much nicer than traditional mouse pads. Since we paired the MP860 with a high DPI mouse the size of the pad felt quite roomy and at no point in our session did we run out of room.

In the upper right corner, the cloth top ends before the edge to give some room for an RGB Cooler Master logo.

Taking a closer look on the cloth, it’s nicely textured and has a black border running along its end. The edge of the pad is contoured with hard plastic and also included an RGB LED bar going around the mouse pad.

Flipping over the MP860 we now take a look at the “Control” surface which is made of anodized aluminum. The extremely smooth surface goes edge to edge and feels cool when you have your hand resting on it. Being known as the “Control” side we tested it with one of my favorite FPS games CS: GO. This game requires fast but precise movements to eliminate the other team. At first it took a little bit to get used to the feel of the new surface both on my hand at how the mouse moved across the surface. It has a little more friction then the cloth side, but once I became accustomed to it, I was able to make those all-important precision movements to get that perfect shot. Out of the 2 surfaces I do prefer the cloth but that would be due to the fact I have been using one for the past 15+ years. With that said, I do see value in having the “Control” surface in your arsenal for games requiring those quick but accurate movements.

On the upper right side, you have a painted purple outline of the Cooler Master logo.

The aluminum surface like the cloth side has a hard-plastic edge with a visible RGB LED bar.

Taking a close look at the USB cable Cooler Master added some flair by removing the common white insert and replacing it with a royal purple one. They also went the extra mile by gold plating the USB connector and braiding the wire.

Once plugged in, the RGB LEDs start up with the “Color Cycle” effect which can be configured using the MasterPlus+ software.

Also illuminated is the border of the Cooler Master logo on the cloth side of the MP860.

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