Cooler Master NotePal U-Stand Laptop Cooler

Closer look

The U-Stand is made of all aluminum where needed and plastic in the other locations. The top half where you would place your laptop is all aluminum which helps in the cooling of the PC. There are many vent opening that allows the fans to penetrate the surface and cool the warm areas of the laptop. In order to keep the PC secure and from falling onto the floor are two wedged rubber covered pieces. The little stoppers can be folded down when not in use. And are adjustable, sliding left or right about one inch.

One side of the U-Stand has all the connections and plugs to make the cooler useful. There is a three port USB 2.0 hub, microUSB for power to the cooler, DC jack, power button and a LED light.

On the reverse side we see what keeps the U-Stand sitting firmly on the surface of the table when in use, it is four rubber pads. These pads are large enough to get good contact leaving the user without worries of slippage.

These rubber pads are mated to a plastic hinge that acts like a fulcrum for the metal bar that is attached to the under-side of the aluminum surface. The combination of the two is what allows the U-Stand to sit at five different angles for use level comfort. The U-Stand height levels range from what is best for typing to what is ideal for viewing or watching of a video.

Next, we have the two fans that measures 100mmThe specifications of fans are 1200RPM (non-controllable), 21 dBA and blows 70 CFM of air to the back side of your laptop. The fans use a wave-like design to help keep them quiet at the 1200 RPM operation speeds. The fans are patented and can be placed almost anywhere on the back of the cooler. We say ‘almost’ as CM recommends they be placed in area to allow them to not interfere with the operation of the stand.

The fans are small grooves in them to allow the user to better organize the small amount of cables the unit has. The grooves helps to keep other cables out of the way as well; like the cable that is used to power the U-Stand power from the PC. The fans get connected to the U-Stand via a two pin connect.

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