Cooler Master NotePal U-Stand Laptop Cooler


The U-Stand serves two purposes: the first would be as a laptop cooler which we all need in order to keep the heat produced by that beast under control. And the U-Stand did just that as it reduced our temperatures on the CPU and GPU by eight degrees during stress testing. A nice drop for those that like to game on their lappies. And the second purpose would be as a stand for your laptop. This is nice for watching a video while lying in bed or in a area where you may not have a larger display like a monitor or television. My wife even used it in your research lab to give a small presentation to a small group of people.

And one thing she did not have to worry about during the presentation was noise from the cooler. As the fans in the U-Stand are super quiet from any distance.

As mentioned in the article depending on your typing ways, the rubber stoppers that are used to keep the laptop from sliding forward may get in the way. If they do all you have to do is laying them against the surface of the cooler and use them as surface to keep the laptop from sliding forward. But only at lower height settings.

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