Cooler Master QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Closer look

Before we get into the cosmetics of the new QuickFire Pro, I will let you all know what I know about the Brown switches which this new keyboard uses. True me I am not the local expert on switches but I am sure it will be enough to get a good idea on if this type of keyboard is for you.

First of all there is no such thing as the ‘best’ switch as it is all personal preference. The one that you feel more comfortable with is the better switch. If you have had the chance to play with a keyboard with Blue switches and you liked it but didn’t like the clicking noise then the Browns may be for you. They share (almost, just a little less) the same resistance or tactical bump but with the noise but this depends on your typing habits. If you apply too much pressure on the individual keys and they bottom out you will hear a click that is not normally there.

Granted the QuickFire shares most of the visual characteristics of other good high quality mechanical keyboards. This would normally be black in color and pretty plain to look at when comparing it to other gaming keyboards like the Logitech G15 and others. Normally narrow in design often reminding you of the older IBM keyboards from back in the day. The QuickFire measures 17.9” (H) x 6.1” (W) x 1.2” (H) and weighs 2.86 pounds.

Cooler Master does differentiate from the other with the amount of branding that is spread out over the keyboard. You will find the wording CM Storm or the CM logo in just about every corner of the board. I am not stating this to sound like it is a bad time but everyone has their ideas of this.

The QuickFire features a full keyboard layout which would include the numeral pad. Because of my daily typing requirements I really missed the keypad with the first board we reviewed. For those that are looking for a mechanical keyboard just for gaming will like the fact that the Windows keys can be disabled to eliminate any errors in pressing when in intense battle.

The Fn keys serves as media, volume and backlit duties as well.

The Pro a driverless rate of 1000Hz and up to 1ms response time. The response time can be adjusted on the fly from the added keys above the number pad.

Chances are if you consider yourself a gamer you know where your game keys are located. But if you don’t the WASD and surrounding keys are backlit. It’s nice to know CM designed the keys to the popular cylindrical design which is meant to surround your fingertip.

The USB cable is designed to be removable to easy transport. The unit also comes with a PS/2 adapter. No matter the connection to the PC, the keyboard supports N-key rollover. Meaning it will register all keys pressed simultaneously.

The keyboard uses two foldable feet to allow for slight adjustment in height. If they are used then the keyboard sits on four rubber feet. Also are grooves to route the cable for better management.

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