Cooler Master QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


My time with the Cooler Master QuickFire Pro and the Brown switches which it uses was a pretty pleasing experience. The keyboard was built pretty solidly and took a fair share of pounding as my twin daughters has their time on it trying to be like daddy. I played several front person shooters while having the board hooked up. And just like the original QuickFire I found the keyboard to be very responsive. The down stroke of the keys didn’t seem to have a lot of travel in them. And there was very little force needed to make a complete stroke. And my wife loved the fact that she didn’t have to heard the clicking sound from me typing as my office is located not far from the family room.

Visually speaking I didn’t have much of a problem with all the branding what took up quite a bit of territory on the keyboard. But I feel that some will take that as a small negative as many mechanical keyboards are rather plain looking and that is what they are accustom to.

Cooler Master has communicated with us that QuickFire Rapid has been a great seller for them. So, with the addition of the Brown switches and the 10 keypad the Pro version should do just as well. The numeral pad is something many of us use on a daily basis maybe not in games from data entry and dealing with finances.

The backlit WASD and surrounding keys is a nice touch especially while gaming in the dark. The back light can be made to pulsate as well. Or it can be turned off altogether.

The Cooler Master QuickFire Pro will retailer for $99.99 once in stores.

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