Cooler Master Silencio S600 Case Review

A Closer Look: Exterior

Now that the S600 is fully unboxed, we get our first look at its gorgeous matte black finish. The S600 is black throughout and maintains an extremely clean look. After trying both the steel and tempered glass side panel, I much prefer the latter as I like to show off my components.

The front of the S600 is one of the cleanest I have seen out of the cases I have reviewed. It is pure matte black with no ventilation and only contains a gloss black Cooler Master logo in the lower part of the panel.

Since the front panel is solid with new vents, the S600 pulls its air from the sides thanks to a notched center.

Opening the door on the front reveals a removable filter as well as a 5.25” drive bay on top. Looking through the filter we can see one installed Cooler Master fan in the middle and another fan mount at the bottom. You will notice on the left side you have a spot to attach hinges and that is because the front door can be reversed to open the other day. This is a nice option for people that place their desktop on the left side of the desk.

Looking at the back of the door, Cooler Master has installed some sound dampening foam to keep sound from escaping through the front of the case.

Turning the case to its other side, is a black steel panel that is attached to the S600 via two thumbscrews at the back. This panel looks identical to the one on the other side that we replaced with a tempered glass side panel.

Moving to the back of the S600, there’s your usual I/O cutout, exhaust fan mount, PSU cutout, and 7 expansion slots. Covering the right side of the expansion slots is a steel cover that can be removed by taking out the two screws securing it in place.

Taking a peek at the top of the case we find a removable black panel that can be replaced with the included magnetic mesh panel. Toward the front of the case is the S600’s Cooler Master shaped power button and addition I/O.

Removing the top panel reveals a hexagon mesh, which has mounting points to install two 120mm or 140mm fans. Like the side panels of the S600, the back of the removable top panel also has sound dampening foam.

Taking a closer look at the S600 I/O, it includes an SD reader, 3.5 audio/microphone jack, two USB 3.0 ports, a reset button, and a Cooler Master shaped power button. It is nice to see the addition of an SD reader and that isn’t something you commonly see included in cases.

Flipping the S600 to the bottom, it has four rubberized feet and a filtered PSU intake.

Packaged with the S600 were a magnetic top filter, user guide, mounting screws, and six tool-less drive mounts.

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