Cooler Master SK650 White Limited Edition Keyboard

Packaging & Unboxing

The SK650 White Limited Edition receives the same packaging treatment as the original SK650 with a white box with purple accents. On the front of the box, is a photo of the SK650 White, showcasing its RGB features and its new white keycaps. Looking to the top corner, you will also notice that the SK650 White includes the same Cherry MX low-profile RGB red switches seen in the SK650.

Flipping the box over to the back we have another shot of the SK650 White with its notable features written around it. Some of those features include extra slim white keycaps, brushed aluminum design, on-the-fly controls, and Cherry MX low profile RGB switches. These features are also written on the right-hand side of the box in 8 additional languages.

Opening the box of the SK650 reveals an all-black box which when opened contains a black velvet bag on the top.

Below the velvet bag is another smaller black box as well as the SK650 White’s user guide.

Removing the velvet bag and opening the smaller box reveals the SK650 White, a keycap puller, and an all-white USB cable.

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