Cooler Master SK650 White Limited Edition Keyboard

A Closer Look

Taking the new SK650 White Edition out of the bag velvet bag we noticed right away that it has the exact form factor as its brother the SK650. Though the white edition has a completely new look with white keycaps and a silver top plate finish.

A closer look at the finish, the SK650 White continues with the brushed aluminum for the top plate which has a silver brushed aluminum look instead of the original SK650’s gunmetal finish.

Looking to the side, the edges of the top plate it has a beautiful machined beveled edge that is continued all around the keyboard.

Moving to the back of the SK650 is a USB Type-C port for plugging in the included USB cable. Personally, we love the ability to detach the cable as it makes setting/packing up the keyboard much easier. We wished all keyboards did this and welcome this feature on the SK650 White.

Flipping over the SK650 White, you will notice it’s not like most keyboards as it has no adjustable feet which have been replaced with rubber pads, one placed at each corner. There is also some subtle branding with the Cooler Master logo lightly embossed in the center.

To complete the SK650’s white look Cooler Master has gone the extra mile and went with white sleeving and molded connectors. Like other Cooler Master, the USB connectors are gold plated and also include the signature royal purple plastic insert.

Like most other Cooler Master keyboard, the SK650 White includes a specialized key used to manually control your RGB as well as record macros. This key has an outline of the Cooler Master logo and is located on the right side of the keyboard between the windows and control key.

Pulling off a few keycaps reveals the same Cherry MX low profile RGB red switches that we have seen with the entire SK line of keyboards.  

Once plugging in the SK650 White, it defaults to the Cooler Master purple profile which looks great with the white keycaps.

Once we turn off the lights, the purple LEDs really glow through those white keycaps nicely. Even though they are the same switches as the original SK650, the LEDs on the SK650 White seem brighter. This is probably due to the white keycaps allowing more of the light through them.  

Looking to the edge of the SK650 White, the LED’s are also shown through a lightbar at the front.

Using the onboard controls, we switch it to our favorite profile “Rainbow Wave”. The colors look quite amazing with the white keycaps on the SK650 White.

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