Cooler Master V750 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look

Cooler Master’s V Gold power supplies have a textured black finish. The Cooler Master logo sits next to the model. 

The rear of the PSU has the standard IEC-C14 power inlet and a power switch. More than half rear is vented for good cooling. The Hybrid fan mode switch sits off all by itself.

The other side has an information label showing wattages and such for each rail.

The top side is dominated by a large 135mm fan that takes up almost all of the PSU. A basic honeycomb grill lets air in, and a Cooler Master logo occupies the dead space over the fan hub.

The business end of the power supply shows a fully modular interface.



The PSU comes with 9 cables and 1 adapter.

The main 24-pin and CPU power cables consisting of an 8-pin EPS and 4+4 are all about 650mm long. The pair of twin 6+2 PCIe cables have about 120mm between plugs and is about 575mm to the first set of connections. This could get a little short on cases with top mounted power supplies, but those are getting rare these days.

SATA and Peripheral cables are about 510mm to the first plug, and show around 110-120mm between plugs. All three SATA cables are the same, so we only show one here.

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