Cooler Master V750 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supply Review

Under the Hood

One perk of using a DC to DC design is it makes for a compact platform that only has to generate one main rail. Dropping from 12V to 5V and 3.3V doesn’t take much space. What this does do is give Cooler Master room to use good filtering for clean and stable power.

We see a significant amount of filtering done immediately at the AC inlet. We see two Y-caps and an X-cap, and an inline ferrite bead to suppress any high-frequency noise that makes it in on the cord. A Thermal pad along the bottom of the case sinks heat from the primary converter to the PSU chassis.

A couple of chokes, and more Y and X-caps rounds out some impressive filtering.

The layout is actually pretty sparse compared to many power supplies. The components are powerful and efficient, so it doesn’t take as much stuff to accomplish the job.

Most of the ‘brains’ of the operation on crammed on a few daughterboards in one corner.

Cooler Master’s 135mm fan provides cooling once the power supply gets enough load on it. At lower loads, it doesn’t even turn on.

The fan is rated 0.5A or about 6 watts at full tilt.

Soldering is nice and clean. We see some primary MOSFETs on the bottom of the board and they are heatsinked to the case with thermal pads.

On the modular end, we see tons of filtering caps and even a spare connector space, likely for a larger model.

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