Cooler Master V750 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

When thinking of Cooler Master, you probably have cases and cooling products come to mind, but Cooler Master is really starting to make a splash in the system power supply segment as well. 750 watts will handle the vast majority of recent systems, and the short 140mm length trims off precious inches in a market where many models come in at 150mm+ in length. This lets you put a reasonably compact and quality unit with a ten-year warranty in any case for around $140. You can certainly find a unit with a similar wattage and efficiency rating from other well-known brands with the same warranty length for less money, so unless you just really need the slightly more compact footprint, this is a little bit of a hard sell. Even Cooler Master’s own recent MWE 750 Gold Power Supply comes in at around $75-80 online, albeit with only a 5-year warranty.
We have absolutely zero complaints about performance here. The unit provided stable power with minimal ripple and solid regulation and even stayed pretty much inaudible under load. We were able to spin the fan up under load at around the 300W mark, but unless you put your ear close, you couldn’t hear it. We do have to compliment the cables here though, they ‘trained’ really easy and didn’t hold on to the memory of being folded up in the packaging as many do. Cable management is a breeze since the flat cables stay where you put them, but the included cable wraps and zip-ties will certainly make sure if required.

Good job Cooler Master!

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