Cooler Master’s New Tenkeyless Keyboard Lineup Review

Unboxing & Closer Look: CK530

Cooler Master CK530 is packaged in a black box with purple accents. On the front, there is a side profile view of the CK530, showing off it’s RGB LED lit keys. Looking to the right side of the box, there is a graphic showing that our keyboard contains mechanical blue switches which are described as “Tactile and Clicky”. The cutout in the lower part of the box lets you test out the directional key prior to taking it out of the box. Since the CK530 has 3 different models which have either Blue, Red, and Brown switches, this cutout will be helpful when choosing a keyboard in a retail setting.

Flipping over to the back of the box contains another photo of the CK530 with bullet point highlight various features. These include Durable mechanical switches rated for 50 million+ keypresses, RGB backlighting, brushed aluminum design, and on-the-fly adjustments to lighting and macros. The lower part of the box reiterated these features in 10 different languages.

Moving to the side of the box, in many different languages, we have a link to Cooler Master’s website for people wishing to get more information on the CK530.

Opening the box, the purple that was once an accent is now the primary color of the packaging. The first feature of the CK530 that really caught our eye was its beautiful brushed aluminum finish.

In addition to the CK530, also included is a user guide and a keycap puller.

The CK530 is pretty much a spitting image of its big brother the CK550 but without the number pad on the right. At first, we thought the keyboard would feel a little small but that’s not the case since Cooler Master has kept the same key spacing as the full keyed board.

We really like the fact that the brushed aluminum top is extended to the sides. This really adds a premium feel to the CK530 which is nice to see in a lower priced keyboard.

Side profile of the CK530 shows floating keys, which we prefer as it’s much easier to clean.

Turning over the CK530, we see that it has the standard rubber pads on the front and adjustable legs at the back. In the center of the keyboard, there is also an embossed Cooler Master logo.

These legs can easily be extended for users looking to have a little more angled keyboard.

Looking over to the USB, Cooler Master continues the tradition of a branded plug with its signature royal purple insert and gold-plated connector.

Using the included keycap remover, we took off 6 keys to get a look at the Blue Gateron switches. These switches use the standard insert so if you have any custom keycaps they will fit without a problem.

Toward the top of the switch is the RGB LED’s which can be customized with Cooler Master’s Portal software. Testing them out pleasantly surprised us with how bright they were, both with and without the keycap.

Plugging the CK530 in for the first time, it lights up with static purple color. This can easily be changed using the Cooler Master on-the-fly button located at the bottom right of the keyboard.

Switch to “Rainbow Wave”, and turning out the light you can get a true sense of how bright the Gateron switches are.

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