Cooler Master’s New Tenkeyless Keyboard Lineup Review

Unboxing & Closer Look: MK730

The MK730 arrives in a purple and black box with the front of the box having a profile shot of the keyboard. As seen in the upper right-hand corner our sample includes genuine Cherry MX red switches. If you prefer a different switch, the MK730 has models that have Blue and Brown switches.

Going to the back, there’s a top-down view of the MK730 with notable features pointed out such as brushed aluminum and compact form, Cherry MX switches, RGB backlighting with lightbar, and removable magnetic wrist rest. On the lower part of the box, these features are written in 9 different languages.

On the side of the box, it provides you with a link to get more information about the MK730 in many different languages.

Once again, Cooler Master has outdone themselves with the packaging with the MK730 packed into a jet-black box with a purple foiled Cooler Master logo outline.

Opening the box reveals the slogan “Make Your Gaming Experience” on its lid with the lower compartment containing the wrist rest and the MK730 in a fabric bag.

Once everything was removed from the packaging, in addition to the MK730 it included: a detachable braided USB cord, purple keycaps, key removed, user guide and a padded wrist rest.

Now that the MK730 is out of its packaging, we can really appreciate its beautiful black gunmetal brushed aluminum top. We have seen this finish on a few Cooler Master keyboards and we like that they continued it on the MK730. The unit itself feels really well built with the keys having a really nice feel to them thanks to the Cherry MX switches.

Looking to the side of the MK730, that brushed top transitions into a slightly rougher texture.

Like the CK530, the MK730 also has a floating key design which should make maintenance a breeze.

The bottom of the MK730 features two rubber pads at the front and two adjustable feet at the back. Looking at the top, it’s nice to see Cooler Master include a cable management slot which allows you to feed the cord through the center on either side.

Looking into the cable management area, we see that the MK730 connects via a USB-C connector.

The feet on the MK730 can either be closed or raised depending on what is most comfortable for you.

The included wrist rest is comprised of soft rubber material with padding underneath. In the center of the bar is an almost invisible embossed Cooler Master logo.

Flipping the wrist rest over, Cooler Master has included a generous amount of rubber pads with two being in the middle and two on each of its sides.

The wrist rest is easily attached to the MK730 with the embedded magnets on each side.

If you’re looking to make use of WASD, arrows keys or ESC key, you can do so with the included purple keycaps. Purple may not be for everyone but we think they look really great.

The detachable USB-C cable comes with gold-plated connectors, a black braid sleeve, and Cooler Master’s classic purple insert.

By pulling off a few keys, we see more of the brushed aluminum top as well as the Cherry MX Red switches.

Plugging in the MK730 for the first time, it lights up with Cooler Master purple with the RGB LED located right above the red switch.

The backlit RGB can easily be changed via software or using the Cooler Master logo located on the bottom of the MK730. We wasted no time adjusting it to one of our personal favorite effects “Rainbow Wave”.

With the lights off, the MK730 keys are nicely lit and looking at the bottom of the keyboard, the light bar is now visible with the Cooler Master logo in the center.

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