Cooler Master’s New Tenkeyless Keyboard Lineup Review

Unboxing & Closer Look: SK630

The Cooler Master SK630 has mixed it up doing away with its primarily black packaging and going with white instead. They have also added a little more flair by giving the purple “SK630” text a foil-like finish. The front of the box spots a top view of their profile SK630 with noticeably lower keys than a classic keyboard. Looking to the right we see that the SK630 is utilizing Cherry MX’s new low-profile switch which is about 35% shallower than a standard switch.

The back of the box contains a second photo of the SK630 shot from a different angle. Surrounding the photo are the SK630 major features which include: extra slim keycaps, Cherry MX low-profile switches, brushed aluminum design, and on-the-fly controls. These features are also written on the right side of the box in 8 more languages.

On the side of the box, written in several languages, is a link directing you to Cooler Master’s website for more information on the SK630.

Removing the white packaging reveals a black box which contains a black velvet bag on top.

We discover a black accessory box and the SK630 user manual in the black velvet bag.

As you may have guessed, the SK630, like the MK730, has no wire attached. Looking at the accessory box, we find a black USB-C cable as well as a keycap remover.

What first catches your eyes with the SK630 are the somewhat laptop looking keys. Not only are the keys themselves much shorter, but the tops of them are almost completely flat. We did some test typing and it felt a little bit weird with the low-profile switches and the less concaved caps. But we will reserve judgment until after we have spent a whole day with the SK630.  Another huge difference with the SK630 is that it’s noticeably lighter than both the MK730 and CK630, which makes it perfect for traveling.

Looking at the top of the SK630, it has the same stunning black gunmetal brushed aluminum top as the other keyboards in the review.

The side of the SK630 features a beautiful beveled edge which extends the entire length of the keyboard.

At the back of the keyboard is a very conveniently placed USB-C port. We much prefer this placement over having the plug on the bottom of the keyboard.

Taking a looking at the bottom of the SK630, we instantly noticed the absence of adjustable feet. Replacing the feet were rubber pads mimicking the ones at the front of the keyboard.

Like the MK730 the SK630 also comes with the same detachable black braid USB-C cable.

After removing a few keycaps, you got our first look at the Cherry MX low-profile switches. They are noticeably smaller but still have that same tactile feel as a regular switch. Like Cherry MX’s regular switches, the low-profile reds are also rated for 50+ million clicks.

The keycaps themselves are much smaller than the regular ones and like we observed when taking the SK630 out of the box, they have don’t have much contour to them.

Like other Cherry MX RGB switches, the LEDs are located at the top and upon first look, they seem to be a little dimmer than the regular Cherry MX Red switches on the MK730.

Like the CK530 and MK730, its default lighting setup is static Cooler Master purple.

Switching it to “Rainbow Wave” and turning off the lights the LEDs are a little dimmer than the MK730 but still plenty bright to showcase some RGB.

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