Cooler Master’s New Tenkeyless Keyboard Lineup Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Like the CK552 I reviewed last year, the CK530, MK730, and SK630 are exceptional boards. Despite them all having the same footprint they each have features that set them apart from the rest. Out of the three keyboards I tested, the one that really has all the features I was looking for was the MK730. Some of the features that really put it over the top for me were the Cherry MX Red switches, an easily attachable wrist rest, and a slightly smaller form factor than the CK530.

If you were to choose any of these boards it would be a great choice. They all performed great in my tests and look stunning. It’s really going to come down to the little differences that make it the perfect board for you. If you’re looking for an extremely bright RGB board and don’t have a switch preference, the CK530 with Gateron switches might be for you. Like me, you might be looking for a small form factor keyboard that has genuine Cherry MX switches, then the MK730 would be a perfect choice. Finally, if you want a low-profile tenkeyless keyboard that’s lightweight and portable, the SK630 would be worth a look.

Cooler Master has really created a lineup of tenkeyless keyboards that can appeal to a wide audience due to their unique features. I really enjoyed using each of the keyboards and can easily recommend any of them to people looking for a smaller form factor keyboard. For me, I’ll be replacing my CK552 with the new MK730 as my daily driver. Saving some space on my desk is going to be great and the wrist rest will be a lifesaver for when I’m working. If you’re looking for a smaller keyboard but don’t want to sacrifice performance, check out these offerings from Cooler Master.

Great job Cooler Master!

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