Coolermaster Scout Gaming Tower

Closer look externally

The one thing that I will continue to give kudos to cases manufacturers for is when they paint the inside of the case the same as the outside. This allows the system builder to be more creative in their install. Having everything match inside a case these days is becoming more of a wanted than anything else. Just imagine a black interior with black power supply, black motherboard and a black cooler. You can have all this with the Scout. Along with the five internal 3.5″ drive bays and another one that can be converted from a large 5.25″ bay.

Coolermaster uses a different securing mechanism in the Scout than other cases they produce. For optical drives a level is used to lock drives in place. And for small drives you must attach plastic rails to the drive before mounting. Just ahead of the bottom drive bays is a front mounted 140mm fan for intake.

The motherboard tray is not removable in the Scout. But it does have the knock-out hole in the tray to allow for the user to switch out coolers without removing the motherboard before doing so. Several other openings are used in the tray as well in order to run cabling from their respective locations to the back side of the motherboard tray for a cleaner setup.

From the inside we get another look at the rear mounted 120mm cooling fan. And we also get a better look at the top mounted 140mm all black fan.

Our last photo of the case is of the windowed side panel. To allow cool air to flow over the CPU and GPU an additional two fans can be placed in the window.

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