Coolermaster Scout Gaming Tower


Coolermaster took a builder’s approach to to making the Scout. With the ability to remove the front facial completed from the rest of the case made life easier when it came time to install the CD-Rom. This is needed if you want to clean or change out the front fan.

Mounting the power supply is just a simple. CM uses the bottom mount way to integrate the user’s supplied PSU into the case. And with an opening in the motherboard tray just at the back of the PSU getting the cables out to the back of the tray painless.

Laying the case on it’s side and taking a downward photo we see how much room the Scout has between the motherboard and the top fan and power supply. Space between the motherboard and the hard drive cage is plentiful so installing shorter cards should not be a problem. Larger cards like the X2s and GTX may cause a couple of issues in this smaller case.

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