Coolermaster Scout Gaming Tower


If you were to step out right now and pick up a CM Storm Scout you would be returning home with one of the best little cases available. This Scout offers a lot of what the Sniper and 922 also from Coolermaster has. The absolute first thing that made the Scout a winner in our book is the clean mesh front. The front facial does not have a lot doing on. It remains sleek from top to bottom. And this look will appeal to the gamer as well as the casual PC user.

Besides looks features is another tough and rough area to conquer and keep the price decent. The integrated fan LED controller, one/two hand carrying handle and the solid black interior are just a couple of options that users will like for the $100 asking price of the Scout. The Scout does offer some cable management features as well but due to the shorter narrower design there isn’t a lot of outlets for cables to exit to the rear of the case. This may not be a large deal breaker due to the fact this is more of a LAN case and I don’t see many having to buckling down too many cables because of the lack of components they may use in the case.

Good airflow and the option to be able to change out CPU coolers with out removing the motherboard from the case are just a couple of things that I feel needs to be commonplace in a case. And I am happy to see CM offer both of these to the consumer.

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