Coolermaster V6 GT CPU Cooler

Closer look

The V6 GT has a rugged look that would make it the ideal fit for the newly released HAF X, which comes also from Coolermaster. I would be lying if I were to say that it is sleek looking, which it is not. It has the same rugged industrial look that the Sniper and HAF series has.  The V6 GT weighs in at 939 grams with both fans attached, which puts it a bit on the heavy side.

Since the cooler is more thick than it is tall, making it ideal in  cases of virtually any size. It is because of this thickness that you may have issues, especially with the dual fans attached, as it could interfere with DIMM slots.

When you see the overall profile of the V6 GT, you will notice mostly the plastic that surrounds the main structure of the cooler. Not all of it is for show however, as the center portion houses the fan  wiring, LED bar, the silver fan trimmer knob, and the circuitry to drive them all. There is also the shrouds that cover the twin 120mm fans, which is to give it a more contained and polished look.

While we are at it I guess I should tell you the function of the knob, or oil cap according to Coolermaster, which is to control the color of the LEDs  that line the top of the cooler. They can change from purple, to red, and even blue. There is also an off choice if you’d prefer.

We removed the plastic surrounding the cooler to reveal a total of fifty-five aluminum fins. Because of the 131x120x165 dimensions of the cooler, the total surface of the fins is fairly large. The fins are densely stacked to take advantage of the second 120mm fan in the configuration, yet there is still plenty of space for air movement generated by the fans to blow over. As you can see in the images the fins are arranged in a 5 degree tilt for less airflow resistance.

A lot of tech went into the making of the V6 GT cooler, one of which is the heat pipes. There are a total of six which measure 6mm in diameter. We know heat pipes are nothing new, but what Coolermaster is banking on is the V-shape of the pipes, as it allows the heat to travel through the pipes into different areas of the fins.

The base of the V6 GT is not going to win any awards when it comes surface roughness. You can see the evidence left by the machining process.

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