Coolermaster V6 GT CPU Cooler


We love the performance we saw in our test from the Coolermaster V6 GT. We see that the naming of the series after the number of cylinders in a car is more than a gimmick. It’s performance reminds me of the six cylinder that Ford put in the 2011 Mustang. Three hundred and five horses of pure power, which proves that high performance can come in small packages!

Coolermaster lightened the load with the accessories that come with the coolers. The back plate is compatible with both AMD and Intel processors, and there is one set of brackets that will support all the current Intel and AMD CPUs. You won’t have to worry about losing all the extra stuff that comes with the cooler.

The V6 GT is not without its bling, which in this case comes in the form of a lighted strip that lines the top of the cooler. The strip can be dialed in to be blue, red or purple. And for those that don’t like the lighted feature you can simply turn it off.

As for a price, the V6 GT will set you back about $70, putting it in the same class as some pretty aggressive competition. Even the Coolermaster V8, which is one of our favorite, is cheaper and still offers outstanding performance.

Lastly, when you are put a heavy load on the system you will notice the fans on the V6 go into overdrive. When this happens the noise is noticeable, but is it louder than say a new Nvidia GTX GPU, not at all.


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