Coolmax PS228 Power Supply Tester

ps228Last week we reviewed a device that should be in the toolbox of every computer repairman, network tech and enthusiast: the Vantec universal adapter. Truly a bit of hardware to make life much easier. Today, we will be reviewing another product in the same class. Let me introduce you to the PS228 from Coolmax. It has a nice blue backlit LCD listing all the voltage readings for connections on a computer power supply. Furthermore, it sounds an alarm to let you know if anything is wrong.


Packaging and contents

The PS228 comes in a simple plastic blister package backed with a cardboard piece with all the specifications and features of the tester.


The product designs with LCD to show ATX power voltage. Easy to plug with ATX power 24 pin and plug in (P4/P6/P8) to show the voltage on the LCD panel.
 Easy to check ATX power supply
 Aluminum case
 Accurate voltage indicator +/- 0.1V (+12V1/+5V/+3.3V/5VSB/+12V2/-12V)
 ATX P.G. value display
 Lower or higher P.G. values alarm
 ATX output connectors check
 Lower voltage detected alarm
 Over voltage alarm

No voltage detected alarm


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