Corsair 128 GB Performance Series Pro Solid State Drive

Closer look

The details on the Corsair Performance Pro series are pretty impressive for a consumer level solid state drive. First, it only comes in 128GB and 256GB models. These are honestly the two sizes that are more popular with the masses. Anything smaller tends to be too small for most and anything larger tend to cost beyond that many are willing to pay.

The unit we will be talking about here today will be the 128GB unit. It has a maximum sequential write of 500MB/s and 340MB/s read. The 256GB has slightly faster times of 515MB/s and 440MB/s respectively. The IOPS 4K Write is 60K and 65K. All in all the numbers are comparable to that of the current offer, just a slight bit slower.

The brushed aluminum shell of the drive makes it pleasing to the eyes. Besides that the drive looks pretty much like any other drive on the market. If you dare to take it apart simply removing the four screws located on the side is all that needs to be done. But remember you void all warranties. Just trust us and we will still you what is on the inside.

The drive operates on a SATA III channel but is fully compatible with the previous SATA I and II protocols. A standard 15-pin SATA connector gives the unit power to operate.

As stated earlier the drive’s brain is a single Marvel 88SS9174-BKK2 controller. There are a total of eight 16GB Toshiba 32nm Supercharged Synchronous NAND chips for a total of 128GB. And for cache memory we have a total of 512MB on a single chip.

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