Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-4 TG (Tempered Glass) Chassis Review


Corsair SPEC-4 TG Chassis Review

Computer cases have gone from generic blond flat cases that a monitor sits on to high tech well designed pieces of art that display our components in an attractive way. Far too many times you look at a computer case that has the wiring features and amenities that you want and the price tag approaches what your CPU cost. We’ve seen mega towers that run $299 and up and they are grand chassis that will awe and inspire but way out of the price range most end users can afford. Enter the Corsair SPEC-4 TG with an MSRP of $59.99, Tempered smoked glass window that covers the entire side, more wiring amenities than most high dollar chassis even dream of and capable of 120mm and 240mm radiator mounting. That’s a lot of chassis for a little money if you ask us. Now we aren’t talking mammoth hulk of SECC rolled steel weighing in at 20 pounds without components, the Corsair SPEC-4 TG is made of lightweight aluminum and is a mid-tower class chassis but if you are looking for a wallet friendly chassis with extras then the Corsair SPEC-4 TG fits the bill to a T and lets face it it’s Corsair so quality is a given.

We saw the red trim on the case and the included Red fan and what else could we do but a red themed build and Corsair sent us a few extras to make TyRedasaurs Rex shine. We were quite surprised at the full length tempered glass smoked window on a chassis in this price range but hey we aren’t going to turn down an expensive feature on a chassis this price.

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