Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD Upgrade Kit

Next, you insert the EZ Gig IV CD and let it autorun bring you to the initial screen. We selected ‘Start EZ Gig IV’ from the menu and then agree to the EULA. There is a brief introduction to the application.

Now, we get to the nitty gritty and have to start selecting the drives and which is going to copy which. The source drive is the drive with all your data and the destination drive is the one and only SSD itself.

Because we are migrating data from a standard mechanical drive to a SSD we went into the Advance options to make sure that the 4K alignment is chosen. This procedure allows the SSD to run at optimal levels. Verify Copy and Smart Copy is chosen by default. Verify Copy is just that it verifies the data after the cloning procedure is done. Smart Copy is a simple function that always the software to perform a 1 to 1 clone.

Want to delete any of the Document folders, it can be done here.

Confirm our drive settings.

Process starts.

Two hours after we where done.

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