Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

Closer look at the outside

The 600T comes from Corsair’s Graphite line of cases. Currently there are only two cases in this series, both of which are 600T. One being the original black like what we will be taking a look at today, and a special edition white version. The 600T stands twenty inches tall making it a mid-sized tower.

Unlike the 800D/700D from the Obsidian line, the 600T has a more defined look about itself. The 600T has rounded corner and simple curves where needed. On the other hand, the Obsidian series is square all around with a simplistic aluminum front. The front on the 600T consists of mostly perforated mesh which is the styling that many of today’s case have taken.

The upper half consist of four optical drive bay panels, while bottom half is a vast expanse of mesh.  Behind the lower portion is actually a removable filter guard protecting the blades of a 200mm intake fan. The fan spins at a low noise producing (24dBA) 800RPM, that is still able to move an impressive 76CFM of air. Oh, and has some snazzy white LEDs to boot!

Turning our attention to the top of the case we see even more mesh. But just forward of this section of mesh is the I/O area of the case. The panel consists of four USB 2.0 and a single USB 3.0 ports. Dual audio connections and a single FireWire port are also available. The case has a built in four channel fan controller and is operated via the large knob in the center. Removing the top mesh panel you have access to a small valley where you can see the likes of another 200mm cooling exhaust fan, and can fit a 240mm (2x120mm) radiator in its place if you go the water cooling route. Notice the lock in the corner? This will unlock the case’s left side panel.

The black 600T does not come with any type of windowed side panel option, but the special edition white model does, so in reality it wouldn’t a stretch for Corsair to offer that in the future. These are just the usual sheets of metal as far as materials go, but have two latches to secure them shut or release the panel from the rest of the case. It’s a nice change of pace to see a side panel which doesn’t have straight lines and perfect 90° corners. Instead we have nice angular cuts and bottom got changed up a little as well. It may not be huge, but it adds a nice bit of style and moves it away from the conventional shape. 

The rear of the 600T has the standard seven expansion slots, plus an eighth one that ships with a pass-through plate installed for the front mounted USB 3.0 cable (which can be moved). Two holes are present to allow usage of an external water-cooling system. Lastly, there is a 120mm exhaust fan, but we could not find any mention of it’s rated RPM.

Corsair has fitted the 600T with rubber pads that are placed on the two side rails in order to protect the case from the floor’s surface and prevent from easily sliding. The cover over the area where the power supply cooling fan would be, which slides out from the back so you don’t have to flip the system on it’s side, also comes equipped with a dust filter.

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