Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

Closer look at the inside

In order to remove the side panel you’ll need to unlock them first, which if you remember is on top under the fan cover, then lift up on both latches and pull out. Once done and removed you are greeted by solid-black goodness.

The motherboard tray has a very large CPU cooler cut-out for the easier removal of the CPU cooler. Yet what is truly eye-catching is the number of cable pass-through locations. The entire right side of the tray is cover with rubber grommets to protect the wires for safer cable management.

The 600T comes with two HDD cages which support three drives each, for a total of six. The unique thing about these cages is they can be arranged in two different ways to better satisfy your system configuration. The cages not only support 3.5” drives but 2.5” drives as well. The drives are placed into plastic brackets for easier insertion into the case.

The 5.25” drives uses plastic locking mechanisms to hold your devices in play.

The area where the PSU would sit has a small back-stop that can be adjusted to accommodate the length of your power supply.

Next, we have a look at each of the fans that come included with the case, of which there are a total of three: 1x 120mm at the rear, and 2x 200mm in the front and top mounted.

Lastly, we have the rear panel that, once again, consists of eight expansions slots with each having its own ventilated cover plate.

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