Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case


This is our first go-round with a Corsair case and I am here to say the quality of the Graphite 600T is top notch. There are just a couple of manufacturers we can say this about and now Corsair joins that list. The 600T is sturdy at every point, corner and joint.

The 600T is the second design from Corsair since entering the case market. The Graphite’s design is pretty much the complete opposite to that of the award winning Obsidian line, where it is rounded with its perforated mesh mixed steel and plastic, while the Obsidian are square and made of high quality aluminum. That makes the Graphite line a stylish alternative to the award winning Obsidians

For the storage freaks out there the amount of USB and other ports on the front panel is ideal. There is a total of five USB and one FireWire. With this many connections we don’t see an individual needing to go behind the case to do much of anything. And with the built-in fan controller we see no need in adding in another component to the build that adds for cable management difficulties.

Speaking of cable management… the 600T has more cut-outs in the motherboard tray than any other case I have seen before. This is definitely a positive for the neat freak out there.

With all the hits the 600T racked up, the only miss we saw was the lack of an extension for the motherboard 8-pin power connector. Unless you are using one with an exceptionally long cable or a Corsair branded power supply with this case, you may find yourself a little short on distance. So picking up one with the case is a good idea.

The price for what you get is also good. At $160 you get a lot and that is the biggest plus in our book.

Note: If you are a fan of the 800D, Corsair has announced the future revival Obsidian with the forthcoming 650D which is essentially a smaller version.

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