Corsair HS35 Stereo Headset Review

A Closer Look

Once we got the HS35 out of the box the first thing we noticed is we received the black version of the headset as opposed to the other colors: green, blue, and red. If this were the other versions of the headset, the headband pad, ear pads, and wire would be colored. Looking over the HS35, it feels very well made and is fairly light which should help with longer gaming sessions.

Taking a look at both earcups of the HS35, they have an inlaid silver Corsair logo which shines when tilted in the light.

Turning the left earcup on its side reveals a volume wheel as well as a toggle button to quickly mute your microphone.

Going to the other side of the earcup is a 3.5mm audio input for the included flexible microphone. When you are not using this port, you can cover it up with the included rubber cap. The cap itself is quite small so you will have to make sure to store it in a safe place when using the microphone.

Each of the earcups has about 20 degrees of movement to allow the headset to comfortability fit your head.

Moving to the headband we have some more branding with the  “Corsair” name slightly embossed on the top.

The headband can be adjusted on either side by moving it along in the silver guide. When sliding it on the guide, it will click into place with a total of 9 locking positions.

The earcups are comprised of a textured mesh which is wrapped around memory foam cushions. The cushions themselves are quite soft and are large enough to go over your ears. This is nice as I find headsets that sit on your ear start to get uncomfortable able after only a few hours. 

Looking at the center of the headband, we have the same mesh and memory foam that is on the earcups.

The HS35 comes with a gold plated 3.5mm connector with a black wire. Depending on which version of the headset you get this wire may also be green, blue, or red.

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