Corsair HS35 Stereo Headset Review


To test the HS35, I’ll be playing an FPS that I frequently play CS: GO as well as listen to a few of my favorite albums from the band Incubus. The headset itself will be plugged into the front 3.5mm audio jack of my case and will be using Windows 10 default sound settings. Both of the tests could give me a good indication of how the HS35 performs in both gaming and more day to day activities.

To start off, I wore the HS35 for a total of 5 hours in a single sitting and at no point did they become uncomfortable. Most headsets I have owned, I would have to take off after a few hours due to sweat, pinching, or just becoming uncomfortable. So, it’s nice to see the HS35 can last for those long gaming sessions. The HS35 is extremely light weighing in at only 250g and at times I almost forget I wearing a set of headphones. My only minor complaint with the HS35’s would be that the headband is a little stiff when putting them over my ears.

During my matches in CS: GO the HS35 performed incredibly well in both the audio and microphone. I had no issues tracking my enemies footsteps and the overall sound coming from the 50mm audio driver was great. At the beginning of each match, I made sure to ask my partner how I sounded over the HS35’s microphone. Every single person said that my voice was extremely clear and they had no issue hearing me. As I was playing, I found the mic toggle button really useful as I don’t normally play games with push to talk. So, having the ability to quickly mute the microphone when talking to other people in my house was very convenient.

After my CS: GO matches, I started drafting up the HS35 review which gave me the perfect opportunity to listen to some music. I decided to listen to the albums “Make Yourself” and “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” from the band, Incubus. These have been albums I have listened to every day for the past 3 weeks on another headset so I’ll know how the HS35 compares. From the moment I started the music my ears were greeted with vibrant sound and great bass. I was quite surprised with the amount of volume the HS35’s put out and even had to turn it down to 40 for my normal 60. After listening to both albums, the HS35 was still extremely comfortable and easily beat out my other budget headsets in both sound/comfort.

The HS35 surpassed my expectations in both tests and will be replacing my current headset at work.

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