Corsair Hydro H100i PRO RGB 240mm Liquid Cooler Review

Packaging & Unboxing


 Corsair’s H100i PRO RGB comes in Corsair’s traditional black box trimmed with yellow on the edges. The font has a full-color picture of the cooler inside, as well as some basic features listed in the lower left corner.

The Rear of the box is full of helpful items like a dimensional drawing of the rad, to see if it will fit in your case and specifications in a few languages. The left half holds more information about the Mag-Lev fans, the pump assembly, Corsair Link and the new Zero RPM Mode.

The top of the box is pretty boring, you only get a short blurb about Corsair Link in 6 languages.

One end of the box has a few features listed and a picture of the cooler.

The other end of the box just has a picture of the cooler over the yellow background.

Opening the box up we are greeted with Corsair’s normal AiO packaging with the paperwork on top of the padding.

The rad is held firm on one side, the fans and hardware in the middle, and the pump on one end so that the hoses sweep up gracefully. The fans are all individually packaged in plain white boxes in the middle.

Every part of the cooler is wrapped in clear plastic to protect it except the manual and the fans in their white sleeves.

Inside the hardware bag, you get a newly redesigned AMD bracket, the usual Intel universal backplane, and the mounting posts for different sockets, the thumbscrews, and the AMD mounting screws. The Corsair Link USB cable is here, this time with a Micro-USB connector rather than the long-running Mini, eight short screws for mounting the rad directly to a case, and interestingly, a full 16 long screws. Not only can you mount the 2 included fans to the radiator, but you can also mount the radiator over your own existing fans if you wish to do a push/pull configuration for ultimate performance. This is only a few cents worth of hardware, but it makes a big difference to the end user not having to try to find more screws the right length if you already have a few more fans. Also included are a pile of washers so your screws don’t fall through over-sized slots or holes in your case.

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