Corsair Hydro H100i PRO RGB 240mm Liquid Cooler Review




CORSAIR iCUE software connects all your CORSAIR iCUE compatible products together in a single interface, giving you complete control over your entire setup.

Synchronized lighting across all your iCUE compatible devices brings your system to life, while powerful macro control accelerates your game. Combined with dynamic fan control and precise system, temperature and voltage monitoring, iCUE offers intelligent control with unlimited possibilities.

Corsair’s new iCUE works with all of Corsair’s various devices, both inside your computer and out. On our test bench, we only have the H100i cooler connected, so that is all that shows up at the landing screen at launch.

Clicking on the Cooler lets you customize it. The first page shows all of the sensors like coolant temp and fan speeds, as well as a real-time image of what the lighting is doing.

The lighting can be adjusted to your liking from its default slow rainbow.

There are several static, active and reactive color effects you can apply, or you can customize or make your own.

On the performance tab, you can apply profiles to each fan and the pump independently instead of an overall global setpoint.

The graphing tab lets you see the status of any of the fans, pump or coolant temp over several predefined intervals from one minute to one day.

The notification system can alert you so issues causing the cooler to overheat and can take actions such as running a program or just shutting down your computer to prevent overheating even if you are away.

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