Corsair iCUE 465X RGB Case Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The iCUE 465X RGB is packaged in a brown cardboard box which has a wireframe profile of the case that is sitting on an enlarged Corsair logo. Looking at the bottom, the iCUE 465X RGB is being marketed as a “Mid-Tower Smart Case” that is also iCUE compatible.

Turning the box to the side is a list of case specifications written in 9 different languages.

Moving to the back, we have an exploded view of the iCUE 465X RGB, labeling its notable features which is described in the legend below.

On the remaining side, we have some more wireframes on the 465X, denoting various dimensions and included accessories.

Like most cases, the 465X RGB is securely packed in between two pieces of foam with the case enclosed in a plastic bag.

After removing all the packaging from the iCUE 465X RGB, all we have left is to peel the film from the tempered glass.

Also included in the box is an iCUE 465X RGB user guide, zip ties, and various mounting screws.

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