CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit


There is a satirical statement that floats around the pc gaming community occasionally that states RGB adds +5 FPS to your games. What happens if we attach the RGB straight to the monitor? Corsair’s new iCUE LS100 gives the user the ability to control their colors to match each individual’s needs. These strips can be attached to the back of the monitor itself or to the underside of a desk to create a nice ambient lighting scenario. Controlled by Corsairs iCUE software, the choice is yours.

ProClockers would like to thank Corsair for sending the LS100 starter kit as well as both extension kits for review.


About Corsair

Founded in 1994, Corsair started by making Level 2 cache modules for OEMs. After Intel incorporated the L2 cache into the processor, Corsair refocused and started making DRAM modules. Fast forward to 2018, and they have become one of the leading names in the high-end PC industry. Over the years, with their groundbreaking technology and innovation, they have expanded their line of products to include high-performance memory, ultra-efficient PSU’s, cases, PC and CPU cooling solutions, SSD’s, keyboards, mice and headsets.

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