CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit

Packaging & Unboxing

The iCUE LS100 comes to us in an all-black front with the RGB strip illuminated. The top corner of the box has the Corsair logo and name in white. Directly underneath the strip is the product name: iCUE LS100. Near the product name is the iCUE logo stating that this is an iCUE product and works in the iCUE eco-system. Under the large product name states that this is the Starter kit.

Flipping the packaging over we see that the back of the box is the standard Corsair yellow. On the top of the back section we the product name again with the iCUE software logo. Below that we have a shot of the ambient light emitting from the back of the monitors. Below that, in multiple languages, is a short description of the product and what is included in the package.

The sides of the box are all black with one side having the same product name and iCUE software logo as well as 2 examples of the different sizes included in the box; 250mm and 450mm lighting strips.

The other side is the same black packaging with the slogan “LIGHT IT UP

The bottom of the box has the contents included in the box, the RGB controller, the documents, the RGB strips, power cables, and RGB wires.

Opening the box, we are greeted with an all yellow interior with the words “Immersive RGB lighting for your whole setup”. In the middle, we see 2 boxes surrounding the RGB controller.

Puling the boxes, RGB controller and yellow packaging out, we have 4 RGB strips, 2 in each size 250mm and 450mm. We also see the connecting metal plates with clips as well as warranty information and the quick start guide. This is a large quick start guide as it has instructions in multiple languages. We will look at the RGB strips in the next section.


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