CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit

A Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at the contents in the starter kit. The first thing we saw when opening the box was 2 black boxes surrounding the RGB controller. The first box had an AC power adapter. Ours came with a standard NA plug on it, I am sure that regionally you would get the proper plug for your configuration. This is a 5v plug with a standard barrel connector.

In the other box, we find the micro USB cable and the connectors for the RGB strips. The USB cable is a nice braided cable with nice accents. The RGB extension cables are included as well in this box.

On the front of the RGB controller is the Corsair logo as well as a 1 and 2, indicating 2 different RGB channels as well as a button in the middle.

One side of the controller has 2 RGB connections, one for each channel.

The other side of the controller has the USB connector as well as the 5v AC power controller.

Flipping the controller over, on the bottom is 2 3M adhesive pieces for attaching to the back of the monitor or under the desk.

Taking a look at the RGB strips, included in the starter package is 4 strips; 2 250mm and 2 450mm. These strips are all black with a silicon diffuser. The 250mm strips have a total of 15 LEDs while the 450mm ones have a total of 27 LEDs. Attached to the strips are magnetic mounting clips. Each strip has connectors on the end to daisy chain them together.

Corsair was kind enough to send us the expansion kits that are available as well. There are 2 expansion kits available. They are the 450mm one and the 250mm one. Both kits include 2 RGB strips as well as proper mounting hardware and cables. The MSRP of these kits is $29.99 for the 250mm kit and $39.99 for the 450mm kit. Please be advised that you need to purchase the starter kit for these to work.

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