CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit


To test these smart lighting strips, I grabbed my monitor as it was the easiest thing to attach the strips to and still get pictures of. I will be attaching the extra set of extension strips to my desk so that I can get the full experience of this system. For the purpose of this review, I grabbed my 27in Dell S2719DGF monitor. The first thing that I did was set out the strips that I would use.

Trying to get the feel for the strips and how they would attach, I turned my monitor over and got to work. One thing I noticed with my monitor is there is a large cutout near the bottom with no easy way to attach a strip there so I ended up only using 3 strips, one of the large 450mm ones and 2 250mm ones.

One thing that I noticed when installing these strips is the included magnets, while they work, I wish they were a tad stronger. I know transporting my monitor around my office after installing the strips ended up causing the strip to fall off and almost take all 3 strips with it. One thing I noticed, the black pieces near the end of the strips are not magnetic, I would love to see that area have a magnet if possible. I learned too that while installing the strips it is best to place all the magnets on the strip first and then press the strip on whatever surface you are using the strips on. This helps with magnet placement. The 3M that is provided on the back of the magnets holds very well. I liked that there were clips included that I could do some cable management and I am sure that if I had installed them on the connectors in the corners would help with the strips falling off.

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