Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse Review

A Closer Look

When we finally got the Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse out of the box, it instantly reminded us of its wired brother: the Ironclaw RGB. The wireless version maintains the same palm grip form factor with the same overall appearance. One thing we noticed with handling the Ironclaw RGB Wireless is that it’s much heavier than the wired version (105g), weighing in at 130g. This is a fairly hefty increase and is almost certainly due to the addition of the rechargeable battery.

Looking at the top of the mouse, it sports a smooth black finish with an RGB illuminated Corsair logo at the front. Toward the back, you have a rubberized textured scroll wheel with 2 buttons below it. These buttons by default allow you to cycle through the programmed profiles stored on the mouse.  

Turning the Ironclaw to the right side, you have an array of 5 programmable buttons with the front 2 being defaulted to switching the configured DPI profiles. You can see the currently selected profile from the 3 LED indicators below the buttons. Filling up the majority of the right side is a textured hatched patterned which helps grip the mouse with your thumb.

Switching to the left side, we have a mostly smooth finish with the exception of another rubberized hatched grip at the bottom. This rubberized section is placed perfecting for your pinky to grip and control the mouse. 

Looking to the front of the Ironclaw is a mini USB port which is used to charge the device and to use the mouse in wired mode. At the bottom at either side of the USB port are the RGB LED’s which can be configured using Corsair’s iCUE software.


The cord includes with the Ironclaw RGB Wireless comes with silver USB connectors with the mini USB being embossed with the Corsair logo. The wire itself is plenty long measuring at 1.8m and has been given the premium treatment with a black braid sleeve.

Flipping the mouse to the bottom reveals its 18,000 DPI optical sensor as well as the switch to turn on Bluetooth or 2.4GHz SLIPSTREAM Wireless mode.  Also included are 4 oversized pads which are placed at each corner of the Ironclaw.

Once the Ironclaw RGB Wireless is plugged in or turned on via the switch at the bottom, each of the mouse’s RGB elements light up with the default “Rainbow” profile.

Looking to the right side of the mouse, the DPI is lit up with blue LED indicating it’s on the second DPI profile.

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