Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse Review


Like many other Corsair peripherals, the Ironclaw RGB Wireless can be configured in the iCUE software. If you don’t already have iCUE install on your computer, it is readily available on Corsair’s website with the following link: Once you run the iCUE software, you should see the Ironclaw RGB Wireless detected and in the devices list. To configure any of the listed devices, just double click it and you will be presented with a new set of menus on the left-hand side.

Looking at the “Actions” menu, you can create macro’s, remap buttons and various other things to any of the Ironclaw’s 10 programmable buttons.

Going to the “Lighting Effects” menu, you can turn off/on any of the RGB zones as well as adjust their lighting effects. The various effects included in iCUE are:


  • Rainbow – Cycling through all the colors of the rainbow
  • Color Pulse – Fading random/alternating colors in and out
  • Color Shift –  Shifting between random/alternating colors


  • Static Color – Solid static color that is always on
  • Solid – Solid color that can have the occupancy and lighting time configured
  • Gradient – Gradient of two colors that can have the occupancy and lighting time configured

Lighting Link:

  • Spiral Rainbow – A spiral rainbow type effect over each of the RGB zones.
  • Rainbow Wave – Changing colors in each RGB zone in an alternating pattern using the whole spectrum of colors
  • Color Wave – Alternating colors in each RGB zones and changing color on each cycle
  • Visor – Flashing colors alternated from each RGB zone
  • Rain – A rain type effect
  • Type Lighting – Light up as you use the mouse
  • Temperature – Change color based on various temperature sensors

Once you have selected an effect, you can adjust various settings such as color, speed and when to start/stop the effect.

Under the “DPI” menu, you can configure each of the DPI profiles of the mic. Looking at the Ironclaw’s DPI profiles, we have Default, Sniper and 2 others; each having individual DPI settings for X/Y. Below the DPI settings, you can also change the indicator colors for DPI and Sniper.

On the “Performance” menu, you can configure the mouse’s pointer precision, speed, and profile indicator color.

The last menu item is “Surface Calibration” and it is used to calibrate the surface you want to use your mouse on. The Ironclaw RGB Wireless is already preconfigured for the majority of Corsair’s surfaces but if you are planning to use another mouse pad you would want to run the calibration to achieve maximum performance.

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