Corsair K57 Wireless Keyboard Review

A Closer Look

The K57 stays the with classic all-black look with the finish being mainly matte with the exception of the top which is glossy.  The K57 has a standard 104 key layout with 6 programmable keys on the left of the keyboard bringing the total to 110. Looking to the top right of the keyboard, we have some additional buttons such as windows lock, volume, and deliciated multimedia controls.

Taking a closer look at the volume controls, it gives you quick buttons to either decrease/increase the volume or mute sounds altogether. Just below the volume controls are the multimedia buttons allowing you to stop, play, pause, or skip your music/movie.

To the left of the volume, controllers are a few more buttons which are to record macros, adjust LED brightness, and lock your windows key. Beside them are a few status LEDs. Going from left to right, they are battery/wireless status, num lock, caps lock, and windows lock indicators.

Moving to the left are the K57’s 6 programmable macro keys which can be customized using the “MR” (Macro Record) button or using Corsair’s iCUE software.

Removing a few of the keycaps reveals a plastic shaft to hold the key in place with the button underneath. To remove these keycaps, we had to use our fingers as there was no included keycap puller with the K57. A keycap puller would have been useful for when you want to clean the K57.

Flipping the keyboard over, you have your standard 2 rubberized pads at the front with adjustable feet at either corner. In the middle is an information sticker that lists the keyboard name, model, serial number, voltage/amp rating and where the keyboard was made.

The feet themselves can either be opened or closed giving the K57 only 2 possible height configurations.

Despite not being a mechanical keyboard, the K57 mimics the floating key configuration that we normally see on machinal keyboards. For us, this was preferred over keys being recessed into the keyboard as it is much easier to clean.

Going to the back of the K57, we find a micro USB connector used to charge the K57 as well as operate in USB mode as well as its power switch.

To the right, a USB-like slot that is used to store the included wireless receiver if you wish just to operate the K57 wired to your PC.

If you’re like us and speed 8+ hours in front of your PC for work/play, you will be glad that the K57 includes a detachable wrist rest.

Taking a closer look at the top of the wrist rest, it has a rubberized pad on either side for added comfort.

The included USB has custom branded connectors like we have seen on other Corsair accessories with the wire itself not being sleeved. Giving the somewhat premium price point of the K57 it would have been nice to see a braided cable included.

Once the K57 is plugged in with the lights turned off, we get our first look at the CAPELLIX LEDs. We were personally quite impressed with them and they are just as bright as any Cherry MX RGB switch.

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