Corsair K57 Wireless Keyboard Review


To put the K57 to the test, I used it both at home and at work so that I could see how it performs being used for day-to-day tasks as well as gaming. I really enjoyed using the K57 wireless mode for both work and home and was really impressed with its battery. In the manual, Corsair states the K57 will last up to 35 hours with the LEDs active or 144 hours off. When at work, I did turn the LEDs off not to distract my fellow co-workers so that is likely why I was able to last a week without needed to recharge. I also really liked that Corsair included a holder for the USB dongle on the board as I was never worried about it being lost while being transported.

If you’re like me and are currently using a mechanical keyboard, you will instantly notice that the K57 keys require more force to press. During gaming this wasn’t so bad but it was getting a little tiresome while programming and typing emails all day. This may be something that I would get used to over time, but for the week I used the K57, I did miss my mechanical switches at work.

Like other Corsair SLIPSTREAM wireless devices, I have used the K57 performed flawlessly well in wireless mode. At no point in gaming or at work did the K57 lag, disconnect, or missed pressed keys. If someone were just to sit down at the keyboard there would be no indication from its performance that it was wireless.

Overall the K57 didn’t skip a beat and the experience was exactly the same whether it was in wired/wireless mode. The only thing that would stop the K57 being my new daily driver is that the keys are extremely stiff.

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