Corsair K57 Wireless Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Like Corsair’s other keyboard we have used, the K57 is built with the same exceptional quality and performed extremely well both in wired or wireless mode. I really like how portable the K57 was since I didn’t have to worry about the battery dying thanks to its 35 hour (LEDs on) / 144 Hour (LEDs off) battery life. Also, during transport, I didn’t need to worry about losing the included wireless dongle as it can be securely stored on the board itself.

From a visual standpoint, I really liked the brightness of the CAPELLIX LEDs and the finish on the board itself was also quite nice. I did find that the glossy part of the board attracted fingerprints quite easily, but a simple wipe with a cloth and they were gone.

Will I be replacing my daily driver with the K57? Sadly, as nice as it is to have a wireless keyboard, the K57 keys were just too stiff for me. While gaming, it didn’t affect my gameplay too much, but it was noticeable while using it for my day-to-day tasks like programming and writing emails. This experience might be different for someone who is currently using a membrane keyboard, but for mechanical keyboard users, you will be disappointed by the K57.

So, if you are a user that prefers stiffer keys and you are looking to go wireless, the K57 might just be what you are looking for.



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