Corsair KATAR PRO XT – A Budget Mouse With Great Features

Functionality of the Katar Pro XT Mouse

I’ve been using this mouse for a couple of weeks before starting this article. As mentioned before, I like to actually use things for a while before I feel I can give an honest opinion of something. Before receiving the Katar Pro XT mouse from Corsair, my daily driver was an iRocks M39 wired optical mouse. Typical daily use for me is video editing, web browsing, and FPS games.

I had hoped to start dominating noobs in all of my favorite FPS games from the start, but that didn’t happen. Accuracy DID actually improve, albeit slightly. I think my eye doctor might have some more to say about that though. I go to see him soon though.

The buttons on this mouse feel really solid. Corsair advertises “Game-Winning Precision” with their QUICKSTRIKE buttons. They’re using a spring-loaded design which provide zero gap between the buttons and switches. There is zero noticeable movement between pressing either the left or right mouse button and the audible click of the switch. Corsair also built in two buttons on the left side of the mouse which I appreciate not only for forward and back page browsing on web sites, but also for special functions in games.

Corsair’s Katar Pro XT, like all good gaming peripherals these days, does come with RGB. Corsair included an RGB lighting ring around the scroll wheel. Lighting is controlled with the iCUE software. Along with lighting effects, you can also program actions, adjust DPI, pointer speed, and calibrate the Katar Pro XT for whatever mousing surface you’re using. The iCUE software also lets you record custom macros for certain actions you use repeatedly.

The RGB lighting section in iCUE has most of the usual settings you’ve come to know and love. Rainbow, static color, among many others. What I found interesting though, is the ability to monitor a temperature sensor. You can select any temperature sensor on your computer such as the CPU, GPU, or motherboard. The RGB LED will change colors depending on temperature parameters that you can manually adjust. It’s a neat way to monitor temperatures at a glance while gaming or working with CPU intensive programs.

The Katar Pro XT feels great in the hand. Just like old reliable, it’s a very easy adjustment switching to this mouse from another that you’ve been using for any length of time. I do feel that rubber side grips would be a great improvement for this mouse, but the textured plastic on the sides that Corsair chose does feel satisfactory. I don’t feel like my hand is going to slip off the mouse at any time.

The scroll wheel on this mouse is easily my favorite wheel of any mouse I’ve used in the last 15 years. The rubber sleeve surrounding the scroll wheel offers the perfect balance of gripping your finger as you scroll without being sticky. Behind the scroll wheel is a dedicated DPI button which allows you to adjust DPI settings on the fly. This is especially nice since you don’t have to interrupt your game or work to make adjustments.

At the time of this writing, you can pick up the Corsair KATAR PRO XT for $29.99 USD. For a mouse that is packed full of great features, that price is a steal. I’d feel comfortable recommending the KATAR PROXT to anyone looking to replace a broken or malfunctioning mouse, or if you just want something new.

ProClockers would like to thank Corsair for providing this sample for our review!

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