Corsair QL series QL120 RGB Fan & Lighting Node CORE Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

As long as you aren’t the dark and mysterious, anti-RGB type of computer enthusiast, it’s hard to do anything but love Corsair’s new QL RGB series fans. The lighting is awesome, and being able to control everything in new ways, like interior facing lighting and exterior facing lighting really opens up some customization options. While the fans are really nice here, the real power comes from combining them with iCUE. To be frank, Corsair’s older system control software left a lot to be desired. The newer iCUE is a completely different animal though, and very little software on the market even comes close to the power and flexibility it provides. With more than 100 RGB LEDs at your disposal from this 3-fan kit alone, being able to literally do something different with every single LED is just miles ahead of everyone else. From a performance standpoint, we have zero to complain about. They move a decent amount of air for a case fan and can handle lighter duty in the radiator world if liquid cooling is your thing. With a maximum speed of 1500RPM and vibration damping rubber mounting points on each corner, they look great while staying inaudible at all times as well.

Great job Corsair!

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