Corsair TX750 750 Watt Power Supply

Closer look

The TX750 is a single 12 volt rail unit rather a multi-rail unit that is pretty common these days. Alot of individuals suggest that the single rail versions of power supplies provides much more stability and reliabity. This is something that I have never had an issues with. The unit has a maximum of 60 amphere on the positive 12 volt rail. This combined with the 750 watts should be good enough numbers to handle a multi-GPU rig.

Corsair TX750 750 6

Corsair TX750 750 8

The TX750 is painted in matte black and covered with orange stickers on it’s body. The overall look of the unit is a bit dark but should flow well visually with any darker case. Each long side of the unit has an orange sticker displaying the Corsair sails and model name. On the top of the TX750 is where the information label is located.

Corsair TX750 750 9Corsair TX750 750 10

Corsair TX750 750 11

Our TX750 is actively cooled by a single 140mm fan. Even with the lack of fan specs on their site I can say this fan is extremely quiet and will easily satsify any quiet PC nut out there. Being heat controlled you know the fan gets faster simply by placing your palm on the fan. But the decibel level barely increased. The rear of the unit is pretty standard in appearance. Besides the usual power plug and switch air is exhausted through hexigon shaped holes.

Corsair TX750 750 14Corsair TX750 750 15

The cables are permanently attached to the unit. So, if you want a good power supply than the TX750 is it but if you are looking for a good modular power supply than look elsewhere.

Corsair TX750 750 20Corsair TX750 750 21

Corsair TX750 750 23Corsair TX750 750 24

Corsair TX750 750 25

Corsair TX750 750 26

Types of connectors

24 pin ATX

4 pin power

8 pin power

4 pin Molex



6/8 pin PCI-e











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