COUGAR 300K Gaming Keyboard Review


Since it first arrived on the on the scene in 2007, Cougar has made a name for itself synonymous with quality peripherals. Whether its mice, fans or keyboards, if it has the Cougar name on it, you usually know what you’re getting.  For any PC enthusiasts, your keyboard is arguably the most important part of your set up. Whether your gaming, editing, web browsing or just typing, it’s very important to have a good keyboard that’s comfortable to type on. When shopping for a gaming keyboard, many people look only at mechanical keyboards. There’s no question that a mechanical keyboard offers a better typing experience than your average dome membrane keyboard. However, one option that many people overlook are the Scissor-Switch Membrane Keyboards. Sometimes called “Mechanical Feeling” keyboards, the scissor-switch membrane keyboards could be a great, more affordable option for gamers and enthusiasts alike. However, do they really give you the feel of a mechanical keyboard, with a much more affordable price point? We’re taking a look at the all new Cougar 300k scissor-switch keyboard, and we’re going to try to answer that question and see if the Cougars 300k is a viable option. Will it stand up to the high standards of today’s gamers and the PC enthusiast community?

Cougars take on the 300K

COUGAR works with a single purpose. That purpose is providing gamers with products that fulfill our three requirements, premium quality, premium functionality and premium design. They believe that something you are going to be using for hours and hours not only has to be durable, reliable and useful, it also has to look good. Cougar states on their website that the COUGAR 300K comes in a stunningly powerful design that will allow you to enjoy a superb gaming keyboard that can double as an exceptional conventional keyboard too! When the time for gaming comes, just press the mode switch key to enter the Game Mode and see how 300K transforms in a true gaming monster. Record macros with different playback modes and enjoy many other functions without installing anything with one of the greatest keyboards ever.

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