Cougar Gaming Dark Blader-S RGB Case Review

Moving your system into Cougar Gaming Dark Blader-S RGB Case

But What About Building?

I will be the first to admit that moving my system into this case was an enormous upgrade for me in terms of both space and aesthetic. I ended up upgrading my motherboard to the Asus E3 Pro Gaming V5 (ATX), not only out of need, but simply because I had the space to go that big, and it fit like an absolute glove. 

As I mentioned before, I did some fan swapping on this case. Out of the box, the Dark Blader S has a black 120mm fan pre-installed at the back. This fan works just fine and easily relocated to the top of the case.

Now, allegedly the front panel can be removed by undoing 2 screws on the interior of the panel but I was not able to get the front panel off for fear of damaging it. Even with the screws undone the panel doesn’t come off easily and I didn’t want to risk damaging the I/O cables by yanking on it too hard. 

The orange cable management bar is completely removable, which is helpful especially for running your SATA cables to the back where your SSD/HDDs sit.

I give a lot of credit to this bar for how much help it is for a beginner in cable management. I’m not at the point of building where I can finesse any cable out of sight, so having a big piece of metal to hold everything back is helpful, especially for massive PSU cables.

The back side of the case also has some assistance in terms of cable management, the cable management cover holds the finer cables in the RGB/Fan control system in place. 

Personally, my setup has the space to allow my build to sit sideways, which is really the best way to view this case. The orientation of the RGB lighting at the front is best displayed head on, and you also get a clear view through to the interior of your build!

In my opinion this case, given its size, style, and overall aesthetics has almost endless possibilities when it comes to putting together a build, especially one inspired by RGB. The built in lighting really gives you a good jump-off point if you are just getting into RGB. If this is your first big build, the Dark Blader S really gives you a lot of space to work with and expand in. I liked that no parts of this case (with the exception of my experience trying to remove the front panel) feel delicate or breakable, including the glass panels.  I will note how much weight the tempered glass adds to this case; without them on the case is relatively light.

Overall, I would rate this case: Friggen’ Neat.

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