Cougar Gaming Dark Blader X5 Case Review

Final Thoughts on the Cougar Gaming Dark Blader X5 Case

Cougar Gaming did things right with the DarkBlader X5. This case is not only stylish, but it offers a good amount of room for current hardware. If water cooling is your thing, you have some good options. Top or front mount the radiator. Arrange your fans in push, pull, or even push/pull configuration. The matted tempered glass side panel is a welcome change to just drilling a few holes in the glass and calling it a day. It would have been nice to see some RGB included with this case, but Cougar has that option covered, too, with the DarkBlader X5 RGB. Maybe factory-installed RGB LEDs aren’t your thing.

With pricing at $54.99 at the time of this writing, the DarkBlader X5 from Cougar Gaming is what I would consider an extremely budget-friendly case with a lot of options.

ProClockers would like to thank Cougar Gaming for providing this sample for our review.



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