Cougar MX310 Chassis Review


Looking for a good gaming case that can house your gaming hardware, got good ventilation, aesthetics and doesn’t break the bank? Cougar got a case for you! Coming in at $59, the Cougar MX310 chassis will house your gaming hardware and cool it with style. Follow us today as we check it out.

ProClockers would like to thank Cougar for sending us the MX310 chassis to review.

About Cougar

Real Gear for Real Gamers

Created in 2007 by a group of engineers, COUGAR has been devoted since its first day to a single objective: to endow every single product with a superb quality, a rich functionality and a distinctive design. This aspiration moved us during our first years in the PC case, PSU and fan market. Our efforts bore their fruits in the form of user satisfaction, many praising reviews and prestigious design awards such as the 2010 design & innovation award, organized by iF at Computex Taipei 2010.

COUGAR has grown from its birthplace in Germany to become one of the global leaders in gaming hardware, managing to become a success in markets like the USA, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Brazil and many more, and bringing great value gamers all around the world. We won’t stop until COUGAR products become the new standard for gaming gear, never forgetting that we do real gear for real gamers.

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