Creative Sound Blaster X3 Digital to Analog Converter Review

Creative Sound Blaster X3 Digital to Analog Converter(DAC) Software

This DAC is honestly the most customizable DAC I’ve ever come across. With the software and the 3-button set up, you can customize the audio your way. What’s extra exclusive about this DAC is that they created and developed a “Super X-Fi” App. This App lets you control every aspect of the Sound Blaster X3 system, plus many other accessories that you should definitely investigate.  To get the full-on custom experience, The X-fi App has a head mapping utility. It scans your ears and front face using a special algorithm. It adjusts the position of how the sound comes out even in 2 channel stereos and adjusts your volume based on your ear shape. Every ear is different. Soundwaves bounce off the inner ears and volume becomes louder or softer based on that ears shape. The DAC balances every type of audio perfectly to every shape of ear.

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