Crucial BX300 3D MLC SSD Review

Introduction: Crucial BX300 480GB 3D MLC SSD Review, MLC Returns!

Sometime back Crucial came out with a new BX300 lineup of drives and while TLC (Triple Level Cell) has been raging through the market Crucial holds the line with the BX300 lineup and moved back to MLC (Multi-Level Cell) a more durable more expensive type of flash. Not only did they return to MLC for the BX300 they chose 3D Flash! Most techies know TLC flash stores 3 Bits of information per cell making it less expensive but each cell is used more so it has a shorter lifespan than MLC which stores 2 Bits of Information per cell and is a little more expensive than TLC. Now SLC is Single Level Cell and stores 1 Bit of information per cell and is mostly reserved for Enterprise class drives hence so expensive you have to sell the family cow to afford it.

While the Crucial BX300 is MLC and 3D flash Crucial refused to budge on price and is less expensive than many TLC drives we’ve seen. Given the choice between the Crucial BX300 at $144.99 and a TLC drive at the same price point, it’s a no brainer to chose the Crucial MLC drive with 55 – 160TB lifespan which equals out to 30 – 88GB written a day for 5 years.

The BX lineups biggest drive is the 480GB we have here today and comes in a 240 and 120GB model as well. All three drives support Trim, smart and SLC acceleration. The firmware also supports garbage collection and multi-level data integrity to ensure long term data integrity across various possible data save failures.

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